Encouragements for our troubled times No. 04

COVID-19 Series | Date: 18 April 2020

The Elders and Deacons want to encourage the members and those who regularly meet with us through this weekly letter. If you have news which you would be happy to share with the fellowship or request for prayer, then please let us know.

A message from your Pastor

Romans 8:31

"What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?"

We are going to continue to look at chapter eight of Paul’s letter to the Romans. It’s a chapter which is full of encouragement for us and that’s just what we need at this time; not the world’s groundless optimism but God’s sure promises and assurances. What an encouragement verse 31 is for us. It asks us two questions. The first leaves us in no doubt of the answer to the second. The first question is ”What then shall we say to these things?” Paul points us back to the points he has made: verse 28, “for those who are called according to God’s purposes” and now love God, He is working all things out for their good.

Verse 29 tells us why, because they are known; known personally and loved by Him before the foundation of the world. Because He predestined them to be conformed to the image of His Son, that they might be His brethren, brothers and sisters of Christ in the family of God. And those He predestined He ensured came to salvation. Verse 30. He effectually called us to His Son. He graciously saved us by His works and justified us by His merits. And He glorified us in His kingdom making us kings and priests and giving us an inheritance in heaven amongst the saints.

How precious we are to our God and how blest we are to be His elect. We know we will always be precious to Him. He will always love us, care for us and keep us for His own. Now, these great truths leave us in no doubt of the answer to the second question which is “If God is for us, who can be against us?” We can see very clearly God is for us, all these truths make that abundantly clear and assure us that it is true. The Almighty God of Heaven is for us therefore there can be no doubt to this question. It can have only one answer, no one can be against us. Who or what can thwart His Son or will bring any charge against His elect, who are justified by the works and merits of His Son? Who or what can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus that He set upon us before the foundation of the world? It is an everlasting love.

We are told anyone can get coronavirus which in one sense is true, but for the Lord’s elect, we know that we are safe in His hands and not even CV can affect God’s gracious plans and loving purposes for us, His chosen ones.