Sunday School

For Children and Young Adults. Sundays 9.30 - 11am

All children and young adults aged 3 to 18 years are welcome at Sunday Explorers. (Parents are welcome to accompany their children when they first join.)

Sunday Explorers starts from 10.00am where the children and young adults meet together for chorus singing, quizzes and prayers. After this, the young people split to their appropriately aged classes for a message from the Bible. Activity sheets based on the message are provided to the children to take home. There are prizes for attendance, bringing a friend and other things. When a young person has attended for six weeks they receive a free Bible.

Sunday Explorers meet every Sunday, except the first Sunday of each month, when we hold a Family Service at 11:15am for the children and when family members are also welcome. Sunday Explorers is closed during August.