Why We Aren't Ecumenical

Uxbridge Road Tabernacle is not ecumenical and does not believe that fellowship with those who walk in error and heresy or with those who fellowship with them is a Biblical expression of Christian unity or an act of Christian love.

What is the Ecumenical Movement?

The ecumenical movements beginnings can be traced back to the 1st World War Missionary Conference held in Edinburgh in 1910. Over the next 38 years the movement moved away from “ the world of the Reformation” and became more and more controlled by liberals and Anglo-catholics.

In 1948 this movement led to the formation of the World Council of Churches with the aim of uniting all who call themselves Christian in one supreme church body. Their clarion cry is ‘unity in love’ and believe the best way to express the ‘love of Christ’ is to forget any differences for the sake of unity.

Since the 1970’s the Charismatic Movement has been the Ecumenical Movement’s greatest aid in achieving it’s ends as Charismatic experience trumps everything even the clear teaching of Scripture or a persons standing in Christ.

But can there be any true Christian unity when truth is sidelined? Can we be united in Christ if we are uniting with those who have never been born again and deny and oppose virtually every Biblical truth. And is it a true expression of love to those who are living a lie and think they are o.k. with God, if we shake their hands as brethren and ignore the fact that they are perishing.

What Does the Bible Say?

The Bible must be our authority in this and all matters as it is the Word of God. Ps.119v.160, Jn. 17v.17. The only way we can know God’s mind is if He reveals it to us which He has in the Scriptures. 2Tim 3v.16. To deny it’s teaching or teach another viewpoint is to err. Gal. 1v.10, Matt.22v.29.

The Bible teaches that;-

  1. True Christian unity can only be between those who are in Christ. 1Tim.6vs.3-5, 2Tim.3vs1-9, 1Jn.1vs5-10.
  2. We are to hold fast to the Truth. Tit.1v.9 and rebuke sharply those who err Tit.1v.13 and seek to bring them to repentance and faith.
  3. Christ loves us and sanctifies us by the Truth. Jn. 17.
  4. Our love for Christ is not known by our words but actions, in particular our obedience to His commandments. Jn. 14v.15,21,23, Jn.15.
  5. We cannot have Christian fellowship with those whom Christ has no fellowship with. Jn. 4v.24, Mtt.7v.21-23.
  6. We are not to accept false teachers who deny the teachings of God’s resurrection, justification by faith, etc 2 Tim.3v.8.
  7. True Christian fellowship is based on truth and between those who hold to the truth. Tit.2v.1, 1Cor.1v.10, Amos 3v.3, 2Cor.6v.14.
  8. The Ends never justifies the Means. God requires obedience. 1Sam 15v.22-23.

Our love for Christ comes first in all things and therefore we keep His word and commands. We will not have Christian fellowship with those who do not walk as the Scriptures teach us. Rm.16v.17. Nor will we keep company with those who ignore Christ’s teaching on this matter. 2 Thess 3v.14-15. We do this out of love for them also, seeking to help them see their error and turn from it.